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Meet our Team:

The Cedars Clinic at Milk Creek is a gifted team of individuals whose focus is your medical care. Our professional and personalized support can help you achieve your optimal health and well-being.

Don and Elena Ives

Don and Elena Ives are blessed to live, work and play in the Pacific Northwest rainforest they call home. Don is a Family Nurse Practitioner specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. He has years of experience and specialized training that translate into an optimal outcome. Don likes to sing and play piano and enjoys Christian music. Elena plays both guitar and piano. They enjoy Bible study together. Don and Elena have made many Medical Missions trips to the Philippines. You can learn more about what they do there at When not managing the practice here at home, Elena Ives is focused on the Mercy Teams Philippines projects abroad. Elena has managed our Medical Missions for many years. She now manages our Medical Practice here at The Cedars at Milk Creek and keeps it all running smoothly!

Shyne Amor, our Medical Insurance Specialist

As a Medical Insurance Specialist, Shyne helps to make sure your insurance covers the tests we order. She pre-authorizes things like MRI’s and CT scans and new medications so that they will be paid for. She keeps track of your co-payments and deductibles and makes sure we get paid by your insurance too. Shyne works with worker’s compensation, motor vehicle, Medicare and Medicaid as well as private insurances to get it all done. This all translates to more efficient care for you!

Shyne has been with us since she was a teenager when her family began helping us with Medical Missions. She has many years of management experience, so when we really need to get something done, Shyne is the one! Shyne and her little family of canines live right next to our office on the beautiful island of Leyte, Philippines. She still enjoys volunteering for medical missions, traveling and music. She is never far from her guitar and has a voice like an angel!

Jenelyn Goles, our Medical Scribe

As a Medical Scribe, Jen has the job of putting everything that happens in our visits into your medical chart. She organizes your medical history, medications, allergies, and other data, places orders and referrals and keeps you informed of your results. Jen frees up your medical provider to allow for more face-to face time, rather than looking at a computer. This translates to the best possible care for you!

Jen has lived and worked on the tropical island of Leyte, Philippines all of her life. While new to medical scribing, Jen has many years of customer service in her toolbelt and has been a quick study. She and her canine companion love to travel, love the beach and to sit and watch true crime shows together. “I find them very interesting”, she says, “I love to try and solve them.

Jezzel Ocana, our Medical Receptionist

Jezzel is often your first impression of our clinic and she does a marvelous job. She has sincere empathy that translates into action on your behalf. She recognizes when you need help and she is efficient at getting you the help you need. She performs an essential role in gathering important information for the medical provider that translates into better care for you!

Jezzel and her family live, work and play on the enchanting island of Leyte, Philippines. She enjoys volunteering for medical missions and has done so with her parents and sister Shyne since 2016! Jezzel loves hanging out with her husband and young son, and traveling and exploring. Jezzel is our DOT specialist and takes great care of our CDL holders as well as our other patients. When you call us on a weekday, you will most likely meet our smiling Jezzel!